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Rex, the dog poet... - The Rancho Commons
Note to self: no whining, no slacking
Rex, the dog poet...
From a card a friend received a few years back. Still one of my favorites.

All the Wonderful Things You Are

By Rex, the Dog Poet

A rubber chew toy.
A leather shoe.
A morning walk through fields of doo dew.
Diggin' a hole where some flowers grew...

These things, to me, are you.

Barkin' at nothin'.
Chasin' a car.
Bellyin' up to the dogfood bar.
Sniffin' my friends from near and far...

These things, to me, you are.

A good hard scratch.
The scream of a flea.
Old Lassie reruns on TV.
Liftin' my leg when I'm next to a tree...

(inside of the card)
You're all these things and more to me.

AAAAAAaaaaa hahahahaha!

Now THAT, my friends, is art!

Current Music: Rock Lobster - B52s (no really!)

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alphapythia From: alphapythia Date: September 5th, 2003 04:09 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hey you know, I keep reading your journal- so I decided to go on and friend you if that's ok?
aspiring2live From: aspiring2live Date: September 5th, 2003 06:58 pm (UTC) (Link)


Sure! As I'm sure you've realized, we are very different from each other, but I read yours regularly too and have since you "friended" my sister. We'll call it mutual morbid curiosity! ;-) I'm going to add you back. Thanks!
2 aspirations -{}- aspire with me