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Journal maintenance continues...

I've been continuing my trek through past entries, I'm up to May of 2004. I'm changing some privacy settings and trying to upload and revise pictures that were formerly hosted on Bellsouth and no longer show up now that I canceled my phone/dsl service with them. I have a permanent account with and highly recommend their service to everyone, so I don't anticipate my images moving again, at least not anytime soon. Hopefully.

This is grueling, but enjoyable as well. I have resisted the temptation to re-post old entries or post links to old entries, but I can tell you that the majority of my best entries are definitely in 2003 so far. I'm kind of disappointed that almost no one on my friends list has ever read those entries, but life goes on and it encourages me to make some more "good" entries! ;-)

So, work my usual Fri/Sat nights then Monday we are off to Boone in the beautiful North Carolina mountains for 3 days of doing NOTHING, but eating, lounging, and (of course) wishing the children would behave and be quiet. With luck, we will get a complimentary upgrade to a room with a Jacuzzi, or finale, as Josh calls it. A couple of years ago, he saw his first one, and while we were in it I flipped the switch and said, "And now for the FINALE!" so that's what he calls them now. Laptop will go, and if we get some o' that free broadband in the room, I'll be here!

And right now... Barnes and Noble for caffeine followed by Chuck E. Cheese hell. You're jealous! I can feel your jealously.

Skeeball anyone?

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