Geek at the cool table, cool at the geek table. (aspiring2live) wrote,
Geek at the cool table, cool at the geek table.

I am NOT a mechanic...

It isn't that I don't have the aptitude or ability, I just hate working on stuff. Grease, grit, skinned knuckles, sweat, anguish... I don't get it. However, having said that, the lawnmower wants to run. It wants to, but it's making this SKREEEE sound everytime it touches more than two blades of grass at a time. I have it somewhat disassembled in my air conditioned workshop, aka "The Cabana" and I'm pretty sure I won't have to haul all the parts to my small engine repair man of choice. But, gosh, do I hate doing this!

Okay, it's not so bad, but I wouldn't choose it for a hobby or anything!

Oh, and after all this, maybe I can hack through the front jungle with it! I'm takin' my cell phone... just in case.

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