Geek at the cool table, cool at the geek table. (aspiring2live) wrote,
Geek at the cool table, cool at the geek table.

I am soooo behind on things I want to post.

The problem is, with the warm weather I find myself a good bit busier, which is something I need to be for my own health. Thus, this is a "good thing" for which there are no apologies. And I've managed to keep up with my LJ reading, and even commented a bit, so no total losses. Oh, except that someone deleted a post in opposition to their brutal honesty policy and in contradiction to the open-minded stance role they play online. I hereby call thee out. 'Nuff said, you know who you are. Just sayin'. Insert digression. So, I have several things to scan and upload for journal entries. Kid's stuff that I want to show and tell... and keep here. It's on the list.

Hey, the pool is half full and it is nearly 80 degrees. It gets really difficult to sit here and maintain the status quo obesity on days like this; hence, said stated problem above. Oh, and there's that whole continuous grass growing thing as well as a layer of road grime on the Pilot that is nearing chisel depth. I swear, when I post with my elevated post-weekend endorphin levels, I seem to approach a state of simulated bipolarism. Or is it just me? Thoughts? No, *I* don't think I am, just wondered if I come across that way, in this forum. Hey! I just noticed my pool optimism in that first sentence of this paragraph! Hrm. Too many exclamations and Hey's.

I shall strive to post a bit between my "extrie" shifts, numerous though they are, but I'm in "avoid the shelter" mode, so increased income is in order. My other option is simulated death and disappearance for the substantial insurance payouts, but it would stress the wife, kids, and dogs too much... or at least two of those three. Well, that and I just posted the idea, and this is one of the first places investigators would look, and Allie would crack under the pressure of interrogation if she knew anything, and I would have to be pretty much homeless and unemployed, which leaves mostly unsavory income options which I'm not, uh, "open" to... Yeah, so - as I said - increased income is the plan of the day.

I endeavor, as always, to persevere. Rosin up your hands, the merry-go-round's finta kick up a notch, yo.


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