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Status: Post hiatus (or Post post hiatus?)

Slacked yesterday, restarted my walks today.

We debated a lot about what we were going to do with our time off. Well, not debated because we didn't disagree, we just couldn't come up with something very easily. So, we finally decided not to even leave town. We stayed at a B&B here in town and it was truly relaxing. King sized bed, two person jacuzzi, nice views, excellent food within walking distance; all of this and no children for 3 days and 2 nights was extraordinary.

Now everything is back to "normal" and we are all happy about that. The neighbor mowed my grass again yesterday. I haven't mowed it in like 2 or 3 months! It's like, before I can get out there, or think the grass looks bad enough for me to get out there, she comes over here and mows it. We asked her not to the first time or two because I am perfectly capable of doing it myself. She still insists, so we are usually leaving about the time she gets done with it. Since we don't ask her, and we don't pay her either, I guess we will just wave and go about our business. I am offended by this, but Allie says we shouldn't say anything, since we already told her we would cut it. Is it wrong to feel annoyed everytime I hear her lawnmower coming? I can't help it, but I guess I won't complain about all the free lawn mowing! This time one of her hired hands was over here cutting it. She is probably paying someone else to cut our grass! Ha Haaaa!

So, tomorrow I find out if my foot is okay. It has felt fine today since my walk so hopefully I am back on track in my new shoes to walk daily again.

I missed going to see Stacy off on her last night of work. I don't know if I was actually home or not because I can't remember what nights she worked, but I wanted to go, but didn't get to. I hope they had a good party for her and showed her that they appreciated her contribution. I'll ask about it when I go in Friday night.

Auctions are flagging a bit, I think because of vacation times. In the middle of winter, I bet we will be able to close auctions on virtually any night of the week with succes, but right now we have some close without bids even on Friday or Saturday nights. I still say our auctions look better than most in the clothing though.

Gotta go build a new TV cabinet. What to do with the old one? Hmmm, I don't know unless we put it downstairs or out in the front yard as a "free" item to whoever wants to pick it up. Finnda skip yo.
Tags: ebay, vacation

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