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Photos of the yard "progress"

This is behind a cut because there are a lot of pics showing what we are accomplishing in the yard.  Don't look if you have dial-up unless you are reeeally curious, and then, you should take a snack or bathroom break while the pics load! 

This is some of the wire I had to put up so Duchess (the Jack Russell Terrier) couldn't escape out of the yard.

This is the guardian owl I got so the birds would be scared away from eating out of the dogs dish.  Note numerous white spots around the dog dish in the background.
Yep.  Bird poop!

Entry to the back yard on the left side of the house.  There's a big gate here that we opened so we can drag stuff up this cement and into the front yard to be picked up.

A little further down the drive.

Over to the left behind the play "fort."  This used to be full of red tip trees as well.

The view across the back fence, behind the pool.  Another area of major clearing!  Note the "extra" fencing in front of and attached to the chain link fence to prevent the dogs from escaping.  This runs the entire length of the back fence.

View across the pool and up toward the back right corner of the house.  Allie is busy!

This is the view from approximately where Allie is above.

Allie's view looking at the back corner of the yard.

Near the back corner looking toward Allie and the back of the house.

A good view of the tremendous amount of grape vine that entangled all these trees!

These are the vines from hell that were in behind the large red tips we were cutting.  They grew waaay up over everything and made it tough to cut and pull anything out!

One of the people on my list had the nerve to call THIS a toy.  I won't say who tinamarie!

View from Allie's location toward the front yard.  These trees are next to go!

View from the front yard looking down the right side of the house at the same trees.

View of the same trees from the front sidewalk.

This fence was for the Goldens when they were puppies.  Now it will be moving around back and out of the front yard.

This is the curb where all the debris will be moving to be disposed of by the city.

So, I will post some follow-ups when we get this finished. I just wanted to show why it has dominated my posts of late. It is a BIG task! I go back to work Friday night and I'd really like to have the back yard work done by then. It would feel like a really productive vacation if we could do that!
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