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Carolina heat - The Rancho Commons — LiveJournal
Note to self: no whining, no slacking
Carolina heat
According to my Weather Watcher, a free program I highly recommend, it is 94 degrees and 40% humidity here in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Edit: Now, at 6:30pm, it's 97 degrees here!

Orlando is 89 degress and 53% humidity.
Las Vegas is 92 degrees and 31% humidity.

My sister lives in Vegas and is always complaining about it being a hundred something. Hey Sis, consider the above to be a reminder of those Carolina summers that have faded somewhat in your memory.
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brknconfidents From: brknconfidents Date: July 26th, 2005 03:42 am (UTC) (Link)
We had rain night before last and that cooled things off for a couple days. From what I understand, the heat we've been experiencing is out of the ordinary. I dunno...I don't have anything to compare it to except end of August last year, and it's not the end of August yet. *shrug* I miss the NC summer. This dry heat has actually been worse on my sinuses. Las Vegas is like the Bermuda Triangle.
mygyzmom From: mygyzmom Date: July 27th, 2005 03:34 am (UTC) (Link)
UGH! I am ready for this one to start fading from my memory! NOT in an Alzheimer's sort of way either!
2 aspirations -{}- aspire with me