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Car dealers' dirty tricks - It's probably in the water

Okay, I'm not doing so badly. Sure, our cars aren't new, but they get us up and down the road.

We don't have any car payments and that is very nice, as well as nearly necessary now that Allie stays home. So I sat, like, nearly all day in a car dealership with my sister as we grueled through the process of her getting a new car. Not complaining, I actually enjoyed spending time with her in an environment where she had nothing else to do but talk to me. So, we drove, we sat, we waited... Mr. Suave (not his real name) offered us something to drink and we both chose bottled water. I didn't think anything about it at the time, but this was possibly where I made my error.

Finally, about 37 hours later, we were taken to the F&I man, which, at first sounded to me like a cuss word, but turned out to mean Finance and Insurance. Wait, maybe that is a cuss word. By this time, we are all slapping each other's backs and promising to attend the graduations of each other's grandchildren. I have never made friends so easily as I do at the car dealer. Those are some extraordinary guys. I was amazed that I was able to sit there, literally for HOURS, and not get impatient or angry.

It was only today I realized they drugged me. I was sitting here thinking about all the fun we had there, about how easy everyone was to get along with, about how nice the cars looked. I remembered our conversations, how Mr. S coolly glanced out the window and said, "So, how about if I sell you a new car today? How much do you want for that (My jalopy Explorer) trade-in? Two or three thousand? I'll get you what you want for it." I, out of sheer reflex, rejected his offer immediately. I'm sharp like that. I know you aren't supposed to trust these guys. He made a couple more attempts which were just as vigorously rebutted. Then - here's the clue - he gave up. No more mention of it at all. Curious. He knew the hook was set, I think.

Today, like a post-hypnotic suggestion, I suddenly started thinking how I really could get three thousand for this thing that I have been wanting to get rid of, and drive some nice new or nearly new car/truck. After a while of thinking like this, I realized what had happened and I think I understand it now. They place a hypnotic drug in the water. Either that or it was in the air, or maybe... You know, I didn't think about it at the time, because I truly love Mary Jane candies, but isn't that a strange thing for a car salesmen to keep in his desk and offer to customers? And now I'm seeing the whole Mary Jane/marijuana reference as his personal little nasty joke that he plays on customers without their knowledge. I am seriously considering calling the cops right now and requesting a drug screening. Or I might buy a new car instead.
Tags: autos, humor, sister

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