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Geek at the cool table, cool at the geek table.

Here... It's where I am right now.

Allie and I just went out for a 30 minute walk. It kicked both our booties but we made it. We are going to try to keep this up now that the boys are back in school and it will be getting cooler. It was 80 degrees and overcast but that 84% humidity made up for any advantage we might have gained from the other.

Evan and Josh are attending a new school this year. (It's actually a pretty old school, but it's new for them.) So far, they are loving it, but this is their first full week so I expect the hate will set in soon enough. Maybe not. It is an old enough building that it makes me very nostalgic to see parts of it. The auditorium has (theater style) fold-up wooden seats and a large wooden stage like my elementary school did. Their other school had no cafeteria and they ate at their desks, so they are also loving a real cafeteria. What kind of a school doesn't have a cafeteria? Like, the primary area of socialization in the entire school? We all like this school better.

I have to go to bed soon as I have just agreed to work an extra shift in the Burn Unit tonight. Not my usual gig, but it's where I started so I know the wounds and dressings. It is for bonus pay because they were desperate, but I already worked an extra 12 hour shift on Sunday, and I work two 4 hour shifts extra the next two nights (7-11pm) before my regular Friday and Saturday nights. No, I don't like to work extra. No, I wouldn't do it if I really had a choice. But, if you saw my finances, you would wonder what I've been thinking not working every available extra shift. Time to buckle down. Either that, or start spending a lot of money driving up to Virginia to buy lottery tickets in hopes that I will win big. Yeah. Best get to bed.

Note to sister, re: my lack of LJ posts:

"When what one has to say is not better than silence, it is best to be silent."
--Quai Chang Caine

Did I mention I got the first disk of Kung Fu: Season One? Wish I was off tonight!

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