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The Grizzly Man

Troy Hurtubise, aka "The Grizzly Man" is mostly known for his development of a suit he hopes will eventually protect humans against a full on grizzly bear attack. You've probably seen this guy's quirkiness in TV demonstrations over the last decade or so, as I have, where he gets hit by a truck, falls down steep hillsides, and generally gets the crap beat out of him while he's wearing his suit. It's humorous, yet also kind of intriguing.

He's one of those fringe characters - a nutty professor type - who seems to be pretty wacko, but just functional enough that he might actually get somewhere with his attempts and eventually become a household name for one of his inventions that actually demonstrated itself to be useful. Or then again, maybe not.

I saw a link to his wikipedia entry in one of my RSS feeds, and went and read about him. Okay, so he's a total nutjob, flako, really STUH-range dude. It is interesting to see his chronological unraveling, and to wonder when/if it will stop. The more current the project, the more out there it is. He's lost any semblance of "researcher" or practical inventor he might have once had (or feigned). Here's an example from the link:

Most recently, Hurtubise has designed the Angel Light, a large device that he claims can see through walls, see into flesh, detect radar-resistant aircraft, and disable electronic devices. Hurtubise claims that the design for the Angel Light came to him in a series of three dreams, and that he was able to build it from memory, with no schematic.

LOL! I recommend the read, as it is funny, but then it is also kind of sad. He obviously has a lot of grit, he's innovative, he's not afraid to cut against the grain. It seems all the pieces are present to assemble himself into a truly amazing person, but he can't quite get the build right.

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