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We've had a neighbor now for several months. Mostly they have been unobtrusive and even reclusive. It is a white woman in her late 40s/50s and a young black male, probably younger than 30. Strange, already.

This morning at 5am I was awakened by the unmistakeable rhythmic thudding of a rap music bass line. I looked at my watch, decided there was no way I was going to be able to fall back asleep as long as it kept thudding, and decided to get up, 2 hours early!

Once I got in the living room and could still hear it, I stepped out on the front porch. The third time I heard the word, "Niggas" (in about 15 seconds)... clearly... on my own front porch... I decided I was well within my right to ask them to turn it down. The woman's car was gone and I'm assuming she was at work or something.

I pounded on the front door, just as a song ended. He didn't look out or come to the door...

Him: Yo!
Me: It's the neighbor, can you turn that down some?
Him: Yes I can!
Me: Thank you, buddy!

I returned to my living room and it wasn't long till Allie was up, too. He turned it down a little bit but it was still plenty loud. I was glad the boys at least got to sleep till it was time for them to get ready for school.

This is a habit that will not continue. I will find a way to solve this problem should it arise again. Our bedroom and Josh's are both on that side of the house. I don't mind someone playing their music loud in their own (rented) home, but it shouldn't be so loud it keeps the neighbors awake in their house with a fan running, should it?
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