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The J-Man

Josh's teacher is at a loss with how to deal with him. We will probably have him evaluated for ADD/ADHD soon; we've initiated the process with his primary pediatrician. He really can't seem to focus/stay on task in the classroom, even with repeated direct intervention. In fact, he is very smart. He's in the first grade, but knew all of the words on the third grade reading list. He would be attending accelerated classes if he could finish his first grade work.

The other day, the kids who had completed their work were rewarded with the privilege of playing with the Magnetix. This obviously got to Josh, as the teacher said he got very upset. She told him, "All you have to do is complete your work and YOU can play with the Magnetix, too!"

Josh's response was to hide his feelings and reply, "That's okay, I have Magnetix at home."

The boy is sharp. This is a concept I have yet to adequately convey to Evan, who is 11 years old:

Exposed weaknesses get picked on.

For Josh to use that technique on his adult teacher tells me that he will never have trouble with bullies. It also tells me how extremely strong willed he is, but this I already knew.

If you want Josh to accomplish something that he is having difficulty with, the best way is to offer to help. If he continues to struggle with it, then you say, "You might not be able to do it, you better let me do it for you." After that challenge he will either accomplish it by himself or cry in frustration if he can't. I only challenge him like that when I am sure he can accomplish the task.
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