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Upgraded to "Paid Member"!

Took drugs and laid on the couch most of the day. Somehow, my sister gave me one of her 4 day headaches. Fortunately, I was off, and drugs help my headaches, they just make me sleep. Posted our 5 day-end-Saturday auctions to eBay. Sales are sluggish right now because of the late summer vacations and between season sales lag. No one wants to buy summer kids' clothes this late, but they aren't ready to buy winter stuff yet either.

Upgraded to "Paid Member" status last night here on LJ. I think I like it enough that I'm staying so now I have a vested interest. After all, if they go under, I'm gonna lose what I've started here! Now I can use more pics, which I will, including the BETTER version of the icon I made for my sister that she refuses to like.
When I write about her I'll use it!

Okay, so I'm boring. Otherwise, I would have lots of browsers and at least get a comment now and then! I wish LJ allowed you to track stats, like how many people have viewed an entry, etc. But then, that might be depressing. As it is, I am able to just keep writing here for myself, and enjoy the narcissistic possibility that someone else might read it. Or not. So maybe I really don't care. Because for me, boring is good. It means I'm not cheating on my wife, or addicted to drugs or alcohol, or engaging in ritual sacrifices, or... well, as I said, boring is good.

Time to use a new pic!
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