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The truth will out, it seems...

We have met the enemy, and he is us! --Pogo

This is regarding the previous post about our car being keyed.

After I got off the phone with Allie, and she prepared to load up and come home with the boys, an interesting thing happened. While she was talking to me, we were obviously both quite distraught over the whole thing. Both sides of the car have numerous, long, silvery scrapes all along the side. Evan (11) seeing how upset Allie was and knowing he was under no suspicion for the damage... admitted that he did it!!

(Are you retrieving your jaw from the floor like I did?)

Apparently he rode his scooter around the car, bumping it numerous times without observing the scratches. He knew better, he had just been told not to ride around, nay, even down to where the car was parked. My first response was to calmly tell him the scooter was no longer his and he would never ride it again. I told him that, in my opinion, this was the worst thing that he had ever done and I was very disappointed. I also told him that it was commendable that he had been honest about it, at least.

But later, after talking to Allie and learning that he volunteered the information, I called him back and commended him for telling the truth. I said I was not taking the scooter and wasn't even going to ban him from it because I felt he had already learned the lesson from it. I then commended him again for being honest, for exercising integrity and extraordinary character in telling us what had happened. His money will pay for the repairs, however. Since the scooter handles are aluminum it is possible the scratches aren't deep enough to require repainting and can be buffed out. I haven't had the chance yet to really examine it well in daylight and see.

Allie and I both admitted to each other that we wouldn't have been that honest at that age. I know for a fact I wouldn't have!

Actually, I'm relieved it was my own bookish thug responsible and not a thug I couldn't be sure wouldn't come back and do it again. ;-)
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