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Geek at the cool table, cool at the geek table.

I've been off for the last 9 days...

Hence my improvement in attitude, my sudden surge in posting, and my completion of tasks such as this...

This is Josh's new desk for his room. Allie and I got it finished last night. Nice, eh?

Josh seemed to really like it. He loves dragons so that's what decoration we chose.

We bought all of his furniture used and painted it bright colors.

This plastic dragon came off of a toy shield and Allie kept it thinking it just had to be good for something. We mounted it at the top of the shelves.

This is his dresser. The yellow is what Allie and I call "BTY" which stands for Baby Turd Yellow, but we don't say "turd" in our house, hence the acronym. It was originally chosen because Josh's room was Winnie the Pooh themed (not because we actually liked that color!) but now we are adding in other colors as we transition to a new, more mature theme.

And the used 2x4 bunk bed we painted and virtually rebuilt (with casters, yay!), which he loves also.

These are his shelves, the only thing I can actually claim as my own construction in here. These shelves are strong enough for anything that Josh can fit on them. Currently, they are quite full, as you can see, but most of the books will be moving to his new desk and we will be cleaning out a TON of toys that he has no room for/is too old for/doesn't really play with anymore. Out of view is a large bin for toys located under the bottom shelf. It is crammed full of stuff. After that, we may actually be able to see the floor in his room and (gasp) walk around freely in there!

Here's a link to Evan's bed project from last year. It is completed also and has a futon couch underneath, with bookshelves, a reading light, and a privacy curtain. I need to post some current pics of it, too. It's groovy. ;-)
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