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Just another day...

Strangely, it appears there are no "immigrants" in my entire area that are vital to my daily life. I wonder if this will backfire on them when they realize how many people didn't even notice that they laid out of society for a day.

If you didn't realize it, I have no sympathy for anyone who came to this country illegally, refuses to learn the language, complains because they don't have rights, or thinks that they can get our attention by refusing to go to work for a day. One would think that immigrants and illegal aliens, who allegedly receive the lowest incomes, would not be able to afford to lay out a day at random to prove a point. Maybe they couldn't. Maybe that's why several people have already blogged that they didn't even notice it.

I despise ignorant political stunts like this one in order to get attention. It's juvenile and petty, and seemingly very ineffective. And the people most inconvenienced were those immigrants foolish enough to lose a day's pay in order to show how much they need more money and benefits, and how much "service" they provide. Sheesh, maybe all the RNs should fail to show up in my unit one night. I'm sure that would make the local news!

I'm sure the spin doctors are already working on the details of how successful this was. WhatEVer.

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