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Geek at the cool table, cool at the geek table.

Sometimes, the news is all good!

Evan's first middle school Academic Progress report (and we were worried that he wouldn't handle the transition well).

Language arts - 96.421% (24 grades)
Social Studies - 81.667% (7 grades)
Science - 99.429% (7 grades)
Math - 99.75% (7 grades)

Some of the Social Studies grades are apparently weighted, probably the tests, where he didn't do as well.

5 Fields of learning - 100%
Project - 100%
Section 1&2 Quiz - 74%
Constitution Brochure - 95%
Chapter 2/Test - 92%
Time Zone Map - 95%
Notes/Greece - 100%

If you calculate them straight, the overall percentage is 93.71% but I understand if the quiz and test were worth more.

Meh, it's social studies. ;-)
Tags: evan, school

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