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It's November 1st and the forecast here today is for a high of 75 degrees. Last night for Trick-or-Treating, it was in the 60s. I thought this might be a harsh winter because it got cold earlier than last year, but now I'm wondering. Last winter was hardly cold at all. Must be all that global warming (heavy scoffing sarcasm).

Josh stayed home from school today. He isn't sick, but apparently his parents had poor judgment and he was up late the last two nights in a row, which is really hard on a 7 year old. Today was a make-up sleep day; we didn't wake him up for school. He just got up about 9:50am, so he should be fully recharged now. First task, finger all the candy he got last night. Second task, begin negotiations for the daily allotment of sugar intake. Remember that? I get to see that magic in him that I felt as a kid. It's pretty cool.

Last night, Evan was a vampire (again!) and Josh was a Bionicle (yeah, times have changed). I'm not sure how to spell just which Bionicle he was, so we'll just stick with Bionicle. Reference the Lego website if you want Bionicle education. It's big here at our house. Allie was still in her scrubs from work, so she said she was going as a nurse. Which, of course, meant I had an easy choice, I was her patient and she was a psych nurse! Heh. Okay, well really, I was dad the chauffeur and scary house hand holder.

Allie just called to say her back is killing her and she feels like crud. It can NOT be the flu.

Gotta go. Errands and chores and tasks, oh my.
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