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This is the first in (hopefully) a series...

If you don't use the Firefox browser, read no further, unless you are considering using the FF browser, in which case you should download it here, install it, and then read the following from your new browser.

Have you ever been reading on a web page and come across a word you didn't understand, a place you'd never heard of, or a person you wanted to know more about? Of course, we all have. With this add-on, you can simply place your cursor over the word you want more info on and hold the ALT key while clicking the word. When you do, you will get an info box from with more information on that subject. Here's a screen capture of me using this add-on, courtesy of an entry in curious_corax's LJ.

Notice that the box is small, but there is a scroll bar, and further down there is a button that let's you open a whole web page on the subject.

If you do any research at all: shopping, school work, etc., you need this add-on. Do you want it? You won't believe how easy it is to download and start using. Click this link --> Firefox Add-On from within the FF browser (make sure you have the latest version of the browser, currently, wait till the Install button is ready (about 3 seconds) and install it. Now, to use it, you need to restart the browser. After that, you will thank me. Yes, you will.

If you found this useful, offer me some feedback, and I will continue to give you info on some AMAZING Firefox add-ons!

Note: when searching for an image for a new teacher icon, do NOT enter the words "naughty" or "sexy"! Oops. I thought a "naughty teacher" icon would be appropriate for such tutorials, but um, heh, no.
Tags: add-ons, firefox, internet
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