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Twelve Habits a Year

Let's get started...

I know, it's a bit late in January, so I'm shooting for 11 new (good, duh) habits in 2007. How about you?

Here's the article I'm getting this from.

We got Evan (12) a bike for Christmas and he and Josh have enjoyed riding every chance they get (which isn't very many in January!) after homework and before dark, when it isn't too cold or raining. So, we went and bought Josh (7) a new bike as well, since he was riding one we had literally salvaged from a trash heap. Then, I grabbed my old bike from the 80's (a fairly nice 12-speed street bike) and had the local shop tune it up and put some new rubber on it for me. You know, so I can ride with them as they improve. I just got it back yesterday and I'm looking forward to an opportunity in the coming weeks to ride a bit. It may even be one of my habits for 2007, who knows?

Oh, but now? Sleep for my three night weekend. Ughness.

I need some new icons. I'm not using nearly enough of my allotment.

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