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Politicians simply have NO shame...

I think that's the saddest part of our current political system. Yes, I'm a greedy, backstabbing, despot bent on wasting your hard earned money for my own gain, but I'm better than my opponent! Makes me want to curse. From a Charlotte paper (online):

Gov. Mike Easley's waterfront lot in Carteret County has more than doubled in value since he purchased it two years ago.

Critics previously labled that purchase as a sweetheart deal.

Easley and his wife first purchased the marina lot in 2005 for nearly $550,000. A new land appraisal this month valued the property at $1.2million.

The Democratic governor was able to purchase the lot for 3 percent more than the lot's assessed tax value in 2005. But The Charlotte Observer reported that dozens of adjacent waterfront lots in the same development sold for an average of 20 percent above tax value.

Easley's broker, the project's developer, and the man who helped finance the development are all friends and contributors of the governor. The Observer reported that Easley had appointed all of them to high-profile state boards.

Waterfront properties in Carteret County have soared in value since 2001.


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