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Josh (7.5 in boy years)

As I was helping Josh get ready this morning, we had this conversation. He had worn some jeans yesterday which were a bit too big in the waist for him, so he was complaining about how they slide down. I got a belt out of his closet and he was so happy! He had never worn this belt and it was a web belt with the slide buckle that is common with them. He acted like it was a new toy. Problem solved. So today, I asked if he had told Allie about wearing it.

Me: Did you tell mom you wore a belt yesterday?
Josh: Yes. Well, she asked me if I liked wearing the pants and I said, "No! But I did wear a belt."
Me: What did she say?
Josh: She said, "You did?!" and... all that stuff when something's important, TO HER! Blah, blah, blah.
And then I told her it was a web belt... blah, blah, blah.

This is typical, no punches pulled Josh-speak. You don't ever have to wonder what he's thinking because it is evident in his expression and/or his words. I have *no clue* where he gets that! (Whistling.)

His teacher wrote a note saying he has been having focus issues again. He currently takes Metadate ER during the week which is an extended release ADD medicine. Until recently, it has been effective in helping him get his work done at school. Without it, he sits there quietly and does... virtually nothing. He isn't hyperactive, and he doesn't disturb anyone, he just holds his pencil and looks at his paper.

During vacations and over the weekends, we don't give it to him. When he first starts back after a week or more off of it, he goes through some difficulties. It causes him to feel stressed and when he does, he pulls his hair or his eyelashes out. Mostly his eyelashes are growing back, but he has a patch in the front of his hairline that is about 4 inches wide and an inch back that is bald. It happened when he was doing his homework the first day back after Christmas break. I wasn't sharp enough to realize I needed to be sitting there with him, watching to make sure he didn't have symptoms.

Now that he is having trouble with focus again, it may be time to adjust his meds, or change them. Or, it may simply be that he needs 30 minutes more sleep per night. His response to fatigue has always been hyperactivity, he fights sleep with a determination I envy (not the sleep fighting, just that kind of determination) until he lays down; sometimes even then.

It's like this with children, they are all so different and challenging when it comes to finding out how to get the best from them. It's like having a Ferrari, a Mercedes, and a Lexus all in your garage. They all work basically the same, but you can never get them all working at peak, all the time. Your life becomes a series of juggling new ideas or techniques, of fine-tuning and crossing your fingers. The upside is, you sometimes almost forget about your own issues!

The best of the good news is, he has no difficulties with the actual materials and keeping up at school, and his behavior is great. He seems generally well adjusted and happy, though grouchy about it. (Again, typical Josh.) Hopefully, these things will pass with age.

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