Geek at the cool table, cool at the geek table. (aspiring2live) wrote,
Geek at the cool table, cool at the geek table.

SciWorks, SciFi, Science in action, we got it all.

I'm taking Evan to SciWorks today to compete in a County science fair because he placed first in his grade at his school last month. More on that later. Survived my 3 nights, but it took a lot out of my physically. Emotionally there were no major losses. Maybe more on that later.

Evan has shown an interest in drawing, eXpecially drawing dragons, so I got him two dragon books, one specifically "How to," to help him in this endeavor. I had a $25 Amazon gift certificate and I was having a tough time deciding what to buy with it, so his books cost me $2 and change. Yay! I'll probably scan in his drawings and let you see them at some point. Maybe later.

So, stand by for LATER. Great day to all. Me? I can't be on the judging floor so I'm floating about (*translation - I'll be lounging over a cup of coffee somewhere) from 9am till noon.

No matter what they tell you about them, NSAIDS save my life every week.

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