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More stuff. Just... stuff.

While I was at SciWorks for Evan's Science Fair judging Tuesday I got to ride a Segway!! They had one there and one of the staff was riding it around offering trials to people. I didn't get to open it up or anything, but it was awesome. I would really enjoy riding one of those if I had a place, a reason, and the Segway. Mainly though, it's a rich man's toy.

Evan placed fifth in the Middle School Physical Science category. I am so proud of him! He came up with the idea himself and did well enough to win at his school and place at the County level (about a half dozen schools or so, from what I heard.) The next level would have been State! Wow! He made two airplanes, one "basic" and one "glider" and tested them for distance and hang time.

Allie came home early with her back today. Two days in a row now she's come in and taken flexeril and ibuprofen, and remained knocked out from about 6pm till 6am. I hope she feels better tomorrow.

This last weekend we had a cop with 17 years on the force, shot in the face, and he died in the unit. They found the 22 year old guy that shot him in front of a club last weekend. He responded to a call for backup from some off-duty cops working club security. When he got there, the fighting had moved outside and he just got shot for no reason. His wife laid on his chest for much of the evening, waiting for his father to arrive from out of town so they could pull the plug. He was already brain dead. He had two little girls, the oldest was 13.

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