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Hahahahaha... Doh!

I made the mistake of getting curious about themes and styles and colors (oh my) when I read an entry in my flist about them. I hadn't messed with my layout for a loooong time, and then it was basically a color tweak. So, off I went. And now? Yeah, I'll never get my original back. I have no clue how to go about adjusting the colors now that I've at least gotten my old theme back. Suckage. Now I have to read up and learn programming stuff (though basic) and that just ain't my thang.

On the bright side, there's work tomorrow. Oh, that's not bright. But it's only for 2 nights! That's less dark anyway.

Things are going. To add to the sentence would be disingenuous. I have music and Diet Pepsi, how bad could the rest get?

Edit: Hey! I found my colors! I thought I had customized them, but these are at least really close to them if I did. Yayness.
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