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Math brains

Josh had a math problem in which he had to add 26 three times. I watched as he looked at the paper.

J: (Mumbling)... that's 52.
He wrote 52 down, then he wrote a 7 and said, 78!

I was astounded because this isn't typical for a 7 year old (2nd grader). I asked him later how he had known that 26 two times was 52.

J: Well 2 and 2 is four so 20 plus 20 is 40 and 6 and 6 is 12, so I took the ten (from the 12) and made 50, so it's 52.

Oddly, this is very much the way I do math, even for larger numbers. For example:
1928 + 3714 = I would start on the left (I know, it's backwards, but I taught myself this a few years ago and I find it faster and more accurate.)

4 5 thousand, 6 hundred and 3 forty-two. In this way, I come up with 5642 faster than I could use a calculator to add them.

It looks like Josh is already developing his own style. Evan also does math in an unorthodox way, but he tries to do too much in his head (because he hates writing) and makes errors. For this reason, we have to make sure he shows his work on paper.

Time for some new icons! Gotta work on that.
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