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Not that anyone here cares... - The Rancho Commons — LiveJournal
Note to self: no whining, no slacking
Not that anyone here cares...
Cut me a break, it's the only sport I follow and it's my journal. My picks for UFC 68 Saturday night:

Tim Sylvia (Pictures) vs. Randy Couture (Pictures)

Unless Randy gets caught with a big right on his way in to take Tim down, I think he will ground and pound the snot out of him.

Chris Lytle (Pictures) vs. Matt Hughes (Pictures)

Matt's hungry after losing his Welterweight title. Chris is mediocre and is being used as a "can" for Matt's first "comeback" fight. However, Chris Lytle is desperate as this may be his last chance in the UFC. Still, I'm going with Matt. I really like to watch Matt Hughes fight, but he was soooo cocky I was glad he lost to Georges St. Pierre.

Andrew McFedries vs. Martin Kampmann (Pictures)

Kampmann. Don't know anything about McFedries, but Kampmann is a pretty tough Dutchman.

Rich Franklin (Pictures) vs. Jason MacDonald (Pictures)

Franklin is hungry like Matt Hughes, coming off his Middleweight title loss to Anderson Silva in which he got his nosed spread all over his face (he required surgery). Jason MacDonald seems pretty good, but he's no Franklin! I like Rich and hope he wins.

Jason Lambert (Pictures) vs. Renato Sobral (Pictures)

Babaluuu! (Sobral's nickname) I'm always rooting for Babalu. At least until he fights GSP.

Rex Holman vs. Matt Hamill

Matt Hamill is deaf (irrelevant side) and has massive wrestling skills. He's still relatively new to MMA, though, so he's susceptible to being pulled out of his game and beat down. His striking skills are still growing. If he gets Holman on the ground, though, it may be over.

Jon Fitch (Pictures) vs. Luigi Fioravanti (Pictures)

I'm not sure who I want to win, but I think I want Luigi to win this one. I don't know either of these guys very well, but I enjoyed watching Luigi fight last time.

Gleison Tibau vs. Jason Dent (Pictures)

Meh. No-names. Don't know 'em.

Jason Gilliam vs. Jamie Varner (Pictures)

Same. Don't know 'em.

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