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Geek at the cool table, cool at the geek table.

Ouch! It's my sinuses or dehydration...

So, I'm covering both possibilities by taking sinus meds and washing them down with lots of water. Resolution is imminent.

Allie's still chemically relaxed to avoid being knotted up. She's able to go out for short trips (say, to eat out) as long as I'm driving so she can medicate. Tomorrow we see the orthopedist. Resolution is questionable.

For my part, I'm not covering the bases so well. We are taking Evan's gym clothes to him in a few minutes because they were forgotten this morning. Lots of tail chasing going on around here, none of it the good kind. The good news is, no one's died or even suffered greatly from neglect. Yet. I want my wife back.

UFC 69 is coming up in 3.5 weeks. I got 5 out of 7 fight results right on 68. I'll predict later on this one, but I'm already excited about a couple of the fights. Even if you don't like the fighting, you should click on that website to see the hype. Wow, pretty! War GSP! </obscurity> Controlled violence is highly underrated.

My head is trying. to. split. Any worse and I may have to wrap it to keep it together.

I'm wearing shorts today, which means I have to wear sunglasses to keep from blinding myself. Gimme a break, it's MARCH!

Today is dishes day. Don't ask why. (Okay, I'm tired of washing a spoon/bowl/cup/whatever whenever we need one!)

If you haven't discovered Woot! (the website, not the sound), you owe it to yourself. It's interesting. Also, there's a firefox add-on for tracking the daily Woot! So you don't have to remember to visit the site everyday. It's right there in your browser bar!

To end, I bought a BP cuff there today, an auto one so we can check it ourselves. Yes, Allie and I are both nurses and both know how to check blood pressures, but it's challenging to check your own. With this cuff, we don't have to do that or wait till the other person is available to check it. I can also take it to work and check it there. Yup, this is because my weight has finally started to drag my BP up as well.

This is the year I change things and get them moving in a positive direction! Yeah, I said it again, so...
there ya go. But really.
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