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Random Stuff...

So, John Edwards' wife's breast cancer has recurred (in her "right rib") but he plans to continue steadfastly in the presidential race. The scary thing is he could win because he's not ugly and he talks slick. He made his money suing large corporations. Yep, another bloodsucking leach attorney cum politician. Surprise. I just can't imagine continuing a political campaign (that is going to stress you and your family to the max and take up ALL your time) while your wife deals with cancer. It's beyond me.

Their digging up Houdini to find out if he was poisoned by the Spiritualists because he exposed so many of them as frauds. Should be fun! I just had a thought. All these years they've talked about how Houdini, the greatest escape artist of all time, was unable to escape death. What are they gonna do if that box is empty? is currently having a Woot-Off. Usually, they list one item each day (at midnight central time) and sell it till the next day or till it sells out. Either way, one item-one day. During a Woot-Off, they sell another item as soon as the previous one sells out. These can last for days. Prices are sometimes really good. Also, some items are real losers. The site is interesting. Oh, and did I mention? It's all electronics!

I made spaghetti sauce today that is possibly the best I've ever tasted. Now, bear in mind, my tastes are not that sophisticated and I'm not Italian. I started with jar stuff (Prego) and added more stuff, but it IS GOOD!! I have to keep tasting it, it's so good!

Allie's back and neck spasms seem to have subsided and she's been able to go to work this week. Good for the bills, bad for morale in general. Me? I'm starting to obsess about my THREE NIGHTS again! Most of the time, it's not so bad. But... yeah.

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