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12 hour night coming up, don't be jealous.

Got a ton of auctions posted last night.

Now that Allie is not working a "real job" anymore, it is important that we do that. Also, now that summer is ending, people are bidding more on eBay again. This winter, when it is too nasty to go places much, we should do pretty well. Next spring (late winter) we will begin selling the things we bought specifically for eBay auctions and I expect to see a boost then as well; new items really cheap because we bought them clearanced in off-season.

Sigh, drama is highly overrated. I have very few friends, mostly because of an inability to grow and maintain friendships (Long story, probably post at some point). But, of the friends I do have, I am comforted in knowing none of them are volatile and prone to blow up on me, one day, unexpectedly. In that way, I am fortunate.

I am fascinated by bright, shiny objects.
E lost his computer and TV "privileges." Yep, he is failing to focus in the classroom, imagine that! Poor guy, he has my attention span, but mostly, he has my ability to be distracted by movement, sound, even air.

How bad is it you say? If we go to a restaurant where they have a TV, I sit with my back to it so I can actually hear and respond to what Allie says. It doesn't have to be interesting stuff on there. If there were a 24/7 commercial channel and it was playing in the same room, I would be watching it. Call it a gift of being one of the original members of the TV generation. Before MTV, there was Gilligan's Island, Sesame Street, Captain Kangaroo, et al.

E realizes this flaw in himself already (at age 8) and will stop us when we are speaking to him, go and turn the TV off or close the door, then return to hear what we are saying. Smart kid. I have been threatening him before with all kinds of punishments and watching as his eyes kept darting away from me and toward the TV. It was hard not to laugh as he kept pulling his focus back to me with a look of fear that I might notice. Television is of the devil, yes sir.

My children are nearly smarter than I am.
I wonder how many kids, at age 4 (just turned 4, too!) can readily identify Protoceratops (not Triceratops!), Pteranodon (not Pteradactyl!), Apatasaurus (not Brontosaurus!), Stegasaurus, T-Rex, Velociraptor...? The list goes on much longer. It is because his 8 year old brother is hugely interested and knowledgeable about dinosaurs and he is constantly teaching/correcting J.

I wonder how many 8 year olds can describe the characteristics of marsupials (or mammals, reptiles, amphibians or birds), list the types of animals that were not dinosaurs that lived during their time, list 20 dinosaurs off the top of their head, and be "unstumpable" as to whether an animal is a reptile, amphibian, bird, or mammal? He complains to us over supper when the teacher gets her animal facts wrong! Every once in a while, he comes up with some wack sounding factoid about an animal, and we tell him, "Uh, I don't think that's quite right buddy." Sure enough, usually within the hour, he is presenting us with the reference in one of his books. Duh.

If it is a really good thing, I had nothing to do with it.
I'm not writing all this to brag. If I were, I would try to post it where someone would actually see it! ;-) I actually had very little to do with it. We bought the books he expressed interest in, and videos. E literally taught himself to read because he wanted to know what his books said about all those animals. And, he has been reading about them ever since. Likewise, he is always talking, talking, talking (!) about them and his brother is just soaking it all up. So, when he gets busted for not focusing in school, I'm not worried about his learning capabilities, I'm worried about his ability to follow directions, to pay attention, and to do the right things, rather than what he wants to do.
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