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America: From Freedom to Fascism

Aaron Russo is one of the great Amercian patriots in my opinion!

I don't care what your political convictions are, you should consider it part of your education on the American political system to watch Aaron Russo's documentary America: From Freedom to Fascism.

At times, it made me physically ill, and I found myself pausing and walking away for a break. It was draining and difficult to view a (slightly less than) 2 hour explanation of the dismantling of the American Dream. And it was no less than that. If you are a conspiracy theorist, you will be nodding and saying, I knew it! If you are not, you will find yourself wondering why the people with the knowledge and the expertise to answer Mr. Russo's, and other's, questions, refuse to do so. It is an eye opening film for the most trusting of citizens, who view their government as the world model for truth and justice, and even for the most jaded, who have already found reasons not to trust the government.

Remember, Mr. Russo could have kept his mouth shut, followed the crowd, and raked in the profits from his successful career ventures. The fact that he, instead, made this film and established this website as an adjunct to it, is enough to establish him as a modern day patriotic hero in my book.

EDIT: His own website lists this link on Google where you can watch this video for free.

Here it is!
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