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Geek at the cool table, cool at the geek table.

Post Lance

I confess I'm rather lost in the post Lance Armstrong era of the Tour de France. I didn't watch last year when Landis won, and I didn't follow all the ensuing controversy. I don't follow other pro bike races either, but I really enjoy watching The Tour.

Fortunately, I know many of the names from previous years. I'm a huge fan of "Big" George Hincapie as he was largely responsible for several Lance wins. But he's a time trialer and more suited to soldiering for the team leader, Levi Leipheimer. I like several other riders, but I'm still favoring Team Discovery. You know, the "American" team, even though there are only like six Americans in the whole tour this year.

There will be some shaking up of the field today. It's the first stage with some difficult climbs, though nothing like what's coming.

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