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The weekend trend... - The Rancho Commons — LiveJournal
Note to self: no whining, no slacking
The weekend trend...
I hope you all had a good night. I spent mine with a 45 year old woman who wrecked her motorcycle, a 53 year old woman who shot herself in the chest, and a 47 year old man who wrecked his moped, or "liquor cycle" (pronounced "sickle") as we are fond of calling them. And, yes, he was completely obliterated with several substances. Those were the admissions. Throw into that the typical mix of DUI perps, assaults, and a bull rider (who shall ne'er ride again due to a persistant vegetative state induced by the last bull), then a sprinkling of "normal" people who wrecked or were wrecked in their cars... such is my job.

Fortunately, I mostly like what I do and I mostly like the people with whom I work. Two down, one to go, selah.

Oh, and hospital management? Please give me hoops that I may jump through them. This gives me purpose and sends me home happy. Amen.


Closing thought: While I'm sleeping today, roughly 180 bike riders will be slaving up the Alps in the Tour de France. I have no envy.
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