Geek at the cool table, cool at the geek table. (aspiring2live) wrote,
Geek at the cool table, cool at the geek table.

I have a lot to tell you...

School, namely public school, is no longer on our plate.

We have made the leap to homeschooling and we are not looking back. We've talked about it for several years now, each time managing to talk ourselves out of it. But this year, we stuck it out and made the brave choice, certainly the difficult choice, and hopefully the intelligent choice, which we believe it to be. It helps to remember that Josh (age 8, going into 3rd grade) and Evan (age 12, going into 7th) are both well ahead of the curve. We did some diagnostic testing and found Josh easily scored well enough to do 4th grade language arts and Evan easily scored well enough to do 8th grade level work in both language arts and math. In short, public school was dragging along for them... we can do better than that. And, we're going to, starting with the official opening day of our homeschoo, the Academy of Better Learning, on September 3rd.

North Carolina's homeschooling laws are pretty wide open so what we do is up to us. We can even "Unschool" if we choose to, but we are sticking with a full, pre-purchased curricullum, at least for this first year, so we don't "lose our way" so to speak. Feel free to speak your mind on this, let me know how you feel about it. But, just to warn you up front, my views on education are more radical than most, and I'm not likely to change my plans based on your opinions, or those of "professional educators" either. I feel strongly this is the right thing to do, and the best time to start is now.

We went this week and disenrolled our sons from their respective public schools, we had already gotten our "orange card" from the Department of Non-Public Education acknowledging our intent to homeschool. IT'S ON!!

Oh, and Tuesday, we had our first venture out with homeschoolers and went bowling! Allie and I hadn't bowled since the late 80's. And you could tell it. We used the "bumpers" they put up so the balls won't go in the gutters as much as the boys did. We had the best time! I mean, I can't wait to go back. They do it monthly. I have joined several homeschooler Yahoo Groups and I get e-mails every day with great suggestions and ideas, as well as a variety of activities to choose from. NC is supposedly one of the best states for homeschooling and I believe it.

Wish us luck!

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