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The "New" Barbie, ugh!

The "new" Barbie?

Sigh. I'm sure it was inevitable, and it has really already happened with other "action figures." Go down the toy aisles of any Wal-Mart and you will see the most gruesome "comic book" figures and an assortment of Pro-Wrestling figures aimed at the average 6 year old. Now, if you've take 2 minutes to view "Professional Wrestling" on TV, you know this isn't something that should be marketed to little kids, much less sold as action figures in stores. Nonetheless, I recognize I am probably being "old-fashioned" in my views as I provide you with a link to the probable death of Barbie.

This ain't Barbie!

"Each Flavas doll features two highly detailed fashion outfits, including rub-on decals [read "tattoos"] that allow girls to “DIY” (do-it yourself) their own custom Flavas looks, another form of unique self-expression."

Oh yeah, now our little girls can have dolls with tattoos! Next stop, nipple piercings?

"The Flavas launch campaign includes an innovative marketing and advertising push, including a sponsorship of this summer’s Christina Aguilera tour, who herself personifies the idea of fearless self-expression."

And surely Christina Aguilera is every parent's dream of what they want their little girl to become, right? Sad. BTW, Christians, don't go getting any crazy ideas of your own "fearless self-expression." That doesn't apply to religious freedoms any more. Just a thought.
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