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UFC stuff

Skip over if you are uninterested in the UFC.

In 10 days, UFC 78 takes place. My picks*:

Rashad Evans over Michael Bisping
Houston Alexander over Thiago Silva
Joe Doerkson over Ed Herman (mainly because I dislike Herman)
Karo Parisyan over Ryo Chonan (Parisyan has awesome Judo)
Spencer Fisher over Frank Edgar (Fisher is from NC, and I like him)
Thiago Alves over Chris Lytle (Maybe.  I like both these guys.)
Joe Lauzon over Jason Reinhardt (I like Joe, I don't know of Jason)
Luke Caudillo versus Marcus Aurelio (Meh.  Don't know much about either, probably Aurelio.)
Akihiro Gono versus Tamden McCrory (Prolly Gono, but no real pref.)

*These are who I want to win, hence "Picks" instead of who I think will win, which would be "predictions."  However, most of the time I expect my picks to win, unless I state otherwise.

In other UFC news.  Brock Lesnar has signed with the UFC.  He's a crossover from professional wrestling and is a physical beast.  His first fight is slated to be against Frank Mir.  Now, I really like Mir and he has really sharp Jiu Jitsu, but he had a bike wreck about 3 years ago and hasn't been the same since.  Hopefully, he will fully commit to being a fighter instead of a commentator for the WEC, and will show up for the Lesnar fight ready to go.  He's been somewhat lethargic and even all out fat and out-of-shape in most of his fights since the wreck, so I hope the old Mir shows up for this one.  If he does, I expect he'll submit Lesnar despite Brock's superior strenght and wrestling skills.  Otherwise, Lesnar gonna smear Mir into a big grease spot on the floor of the octagon. 
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