June 10th, 2003


I need more time!

If I could condition myself to only need about 4 hours of sleep a night, I feel nearly certain that would solve almost all of my problems. I neeeed time alone, now at least as much as ever, with a wife and two kids. Not because *they* are so hard to "put up with" but because *I* am when I don't get my seclusion. I surge at night when everyone else wants to sleep. I tried once to reduce my sleep cycle. I was shooting for 6 to 6 1/2 hours a night. I thought that was reasonable because that is all some people need. I could do it for a week or so at the longest, then I would just say "screw it" and sleep like 14 hours, thus losing all progress. I told Allie I wish I could slip between dimensions so I could spend almost all of my time off with them *and* alone.

Hey, here's a thought at 3am, WHAT IF I used my time more effectively?!! And with that, perhaps I should go to sleep. One final note, however. THAT is actually one of my goals now that I work less: To maintain a day schedule, sleeping from say, 12-8am, and "switching" with naps to compensate when I work my night shifts. HA! Freudian slip, I typed shift without the F the first time.

Direction is more important than speed. Thanks, Charlie.