August 18th, 2003


(no subject)

Yesterday, we had a combo birthday for my sister and my son, Josh, who turns 4 on the 20th. Allie had bought him some toys and some really cool Spiderman and Finding Nemo pajamas. We discussed how my other son, at age 8 1/2 has probably reached the age where he would be disgusted to get clothes for a present but that Josh was still too young to feel that way and would really like the PJs. WRONG! He pulled them out of the gift bag in a single stack, dropped them on the floor like a hot potato, then began the toy rummage. Ah, I still remember clothes for Christmas and birthdays when I was a kid. Yuk!

We have open house tonight at Evan's school followed by the first day of his third grade year tomorrow! Man, what's happening? I feel like Rip Van Winkle (not Robert, of Vanilla Ice "fame"). I feel like I wake up every few months and see my kids inches taller, and pounds heavier and I can't believe how quickly it's happening.

Time to go walk. I'd rather take a nap, which is how my body attempts to deal with stress, but the walking is a better way. Besides, it is really hot out there and I wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to sweat! ugh.