September 16th, 2003


Lawnmower woes, soft hands...

Grass mowing is a lot less complicated when your mower is serviced and operational. I think I'll take it tomorrow for servicing. I got so mad trying to use my broken down yard equipment, that I had to make up for it. I hooked up my towing chain to the back of the Explorer and wrapped it around a bush I've been meaning to remove. It took some axe work at the roots as well, but it came out. I did this twice. I feel better.

I nearly blistered my baby soft hands. I have the hands of a well paid brain surgeon, which I'm not. I had way more callous on my hands at 10 than I do at 40. Maybe I should start climbing trees again. No, no, no! Now I sound like a patient in my unit! ha.

I was wanting to stay up shamefully late and do fun worthless things but my head hurts. So, instead I took some ibuprofen and I'll get up in time to take E to school in the morning. You know, if you could buy self-discipline at Target or Wal-Mart, it would undoubtedly be extremely expensive, and probably frequently out-of-stock as well. But they have a lay-away plan, and I would be all about that! Anybody got any extra?