November 11th, 2003


(no subject)

The Changing

I cannot hope to understand, your dark complexities
The convolutions of your soul, the forest in the trees
Your paths remain well hidden and the entries often changed
You keep your distance, out of reach, a situation prearranged

I cannot lead you in your flight, beneath foreboding skies
And I am grounded, unqualified, to watch your fledgling tries
Attuned, I drown within your plight, though you would think me free
Waiting ears that dare not hear, seeking eyes that dare not see

I cannot know what role I’ve played, unknowingly and without will
Things were broken you can’t describe, and may be broken still
And how you put the pieces back, the patterns that you chose
Malignant blooms, unrecognized, of evil scented rose

I cannot save your fragile heart, protect it with my soul.
I cannot change you from yourself, pitch in and make you whole.
I cannot most of all support the things you’ve chosen still.
I cannot love what you become; I cannot, yet I will.

20031014 III