January 5th, 2004


Re: 2004 Resolutions

I think I learned a lot about myself this year, including more about my flaws and weaknesses. Most notably earmarked for improvement, I tend to go all out or do nothing. Most often the former results in frustration leading to the latter. So, nearly everything I undertake results, eventually, in doing nothing. I've chewed on this a lot. There is a solution.

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Icon inspired - A tribute to "the boss"

Who knew?
On the bus with your boyfriend, you stole glances.
At the youth camp swimming pool, I showed off.
In the church office, you helped me make copies.
At a Valentine’s banquet, I outdrew you with a squirt bottle.
On our first date, you ate the steak like it was good.
For our first ride in my used Duster, I shined the bench seat with Armor All.
You slid.
When I broke up, you waited.
When I went away, you stayed.
When I asked you to marry me, you said, “Yes.”
Over twenty years ago we met.
Who knew?