January 22nd, 2004

I Alone

South Beach Diet Update

Weighed this morning first thing, and in only underwear and t-shirt:

272.5 pounds!

Started at 291, so my loss is 18.5 pounds at this point.

Those of you following along in your programs, please refer to this journal entry from November.

This is the first official (public) acknowlegment in my journal that I am engaged in weight loss activities.

I couldn't resist it any longer!

Following the inspiration of dancingwaves, I could no longer keep from converting my journal to the colors she uses. I will probably tweak these colors and maybe change a few, but I don't know that I will for sure. The stock S2 style just looks so da'burn good, I might keep it. However, my icons are a bit flashy for such subdued colors. We'll see. I think I'll let it sink in a bit.

Edit: Okay, already been tweaking colors. I liiiike!