May 28th, 2004


Just random stuff...

Bleh. This is my Sunday evening. I work the next two nights, so I'm about to lay back down for the traditonal Friday Pre-Work Nap. I hope things are better than they were last weekend and last Monday. Although, when we are busiest is when I feel the best about what I do.

Awhile back mcbarnes1970 wrote about using King of Shaves shaving gel, so I tried it. I agree that it does a great job. I have always needed lubrication when I shave more than anything else. When shave gels first came out, I was so excited because shaving cream, to me, is worthless. I was dismally disappointed when, upon using Edge for the first time, the gel immediately turned to a foam as soon as I touched my face with it. "What is the point of that?" I thought. Well, King of Shaves comes in a clear tube and it stays in gel form, thus providing the lubrication I've been searching for lo these many years. I recommend the mentholated variety as it leaves your face cool after shaving. There are varieties for the ladies as well, and you can get unmentholated and sensitive skin, I think. We bought it at Target, or you can buy it online at the link above - scroll down to "Shaving Gels." All-in-all, a great find for me. Thanks Michael!

Now, a snack, the remainder of a movie we started last night, then nappage.

Oh yeah, not walking today. Need a day of recovery after yesterday's walk (full hour, haven't done that in awhile) which was followed by some yard work. Royally kicked my bootay. I'm still tired!