July 4th, 2004


I swear I don't get the world sometimes...

48 year old black female. Ex-boyfriend broke in, tied up her and her new boyfriend, then tortured them in front of each other. He cut her neck (too high on the chin to be dangerous), raped her, and stabbed her in the chest. He then shot and killed the boyfriend, shot her in the gut, and when she still didn't die, set the house on fire. She crawled out and survived (so far). He turned himself in a couple of days later.

38 year old white female. Drinking excessively while walking the railroad tracks, (she reported to the ER at the "outside hospital" [OSH} that she had 25 beers) she got tired and laid down. On. the. tracks! Okay, so OSH means whatever podunk hospital a patient stops at before being brought to us due to the severity of their injuries. Anyway, the ER staff reported to our hospital that she was being obnoxious and abusive to them.

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Cut lyrics: Billy Joel, C'Etait Toi (You Were The One)