July 6th, 2004


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More yard work today. Hey, it's going to be 90+ again and I'm working on my, and here I wish I could say "farmer's tan" but it is even more pathetic, I'm working on my "farmer's sunburn." But, the good news is, still no rats in the back yard since I killed them a couple of months back, aaannnnd, I'm taller than the grass. Mostly. Is it silly to get all excited about a new string trimmer even if you generally hate yard work? Oh, and maybe I should buy the trimmer line to go with it,eh? 'Cause like that stuff runs out, like, everytime you bump it on the ground and all. I've always wondered why they made trimmer line in bright colors so you see these little bright nubs of nylon all over the yard for weeks. Seems they should make it grass colored, ya know? Or, do they expect me to get out there and pick that stuff up? Nah, nylon is biodegradeable right? Ya gotta leave something for future archeaologists! "For some reason 21st century man had a tendency to destroy their fiber optic cable by chopping it into short lengths. We think this was a tribal act of war on another tribe, denying them e-mail communications."

The dog pics are not as easily forthcoming as first thought, but should be taken today. For some reason they are in that, "Ooo, a camera! Let's get all blurry and slobbery and jumpy!" phase. It's like trying to compose a decent shop in a stampede of wild horses. Only, smaller and less... horsey. We got tired of them smelling like dirt, so we lined their pen with aromatic cedar. Now they smell all fresh, but they still look like dirt. Philosophical gem of the day: Dogs dig, duh.

Compare and contrast this with my post-work post of the other morning and submit your reviews in the comments section. Only, don't. Really.

l8r, suxors!

Edit: sux0rz (though this font doesn't show it, it is also a zero instead of the letter "o" Jay!)