July 15th, 2004


Yet another "job interview"

I've decided to move into the ICUs at the "other hospital" since the patients in the Intermediate Care Unit are nearly all conscious, needy, confused, and have call bells. This is not my kind of nursing. So, even though, by all counts, their ICUs are much lower acuity than the ones at my hospital, I have to talk to the ICU Head Nurse today. I guess she has been burnt before by hiring people who claimed to know ICU when they didn't really. That's dangerous, as I've seen with my own eyes. I shouldn't have any problem.

Still, Trauma is a fairly specialized ICU setting. A lot of the "medical management" of patients prevalent in other ICUs isn't present in the TICU. That is, our patients are usually on fewer medications for prior medical conditions and such, so I'm less familiar with other "non-lifesaving" meds, than say, a Medical ICU nurse. Also, we use specialized equipment, and don't use equipment common to other ICUs. I've never had a patient with one of these so I would require education, for example.

My skills are strong, but somewhat "unrefined" outside the Trauma environment. To some extent, the ICU environment is universal, only the specifics change. So, hopefully, she won't ask me about "specifics" which are outside my experience. That said, I have 5 years of ICU/Trauma/Burn experience, so I am seriously more quailified than a "new" nurse right out of school. If she misses that, then she would indeed be a scary person to work for anyway!

So, wish me luck, or send me vibes, or pray for me, or light candles, or chant... whatever it is you do, about 2pm Eastern time. kthnx. Because, truth is, even though this is an "extra" job, working in intermediate rather than intensive care causes me more job stress than my real job. That's just wrong.