August 4th, 2004


Today is a Recovery Day...

Yesterday: 12:30pm-8:30pm at Carowinds.

Wow. We had a GREAT time yesterday at Carowinds. It was hot, yes, and we all got a mild sunburn, yes. Fortunately, Allie and I made efforts to shade the boys whenever possible so we took the brunt of the sun. Water was $3.00 a bottle, as were bottled soft drinks (sodas, cokes, pops - fill in your vernacular here). But we went at a great time. The lines were minimal on nearly every ride! It was unbelievably uncrowded. We got to ride a lot of the rides.

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We got a few good pics, but next time, more like next year or so, I plan to take my less fancy camera so I can risk some pictures actually on some of the coasters. Like, holding the camera up over my head and taking pictures of Allie and Josh/Evan in the seats behind me. That would make for some cool shots, I think.