September 5th, 2004

I Alone

What shall we use to fill the empty spaces...

Wow. So. Very. Tired. Much to write about, especially some things about work. I will write later, after having slept.

Allie and the boys went to Kannapolis yesterday for a night so Allie could scrapbook with some friends. They will be home this afternoon. Best not to leave Bruce to his own devices for long, apparently. So, I can't really enjoy my free-and-clear me time because a) I'm too tired and must sleep, and b) when I wake up it will be time to be husband/dad again. So. Yeah.

But, it isn't always about me, or so I'm told, so I am glad they are all having fun and I look forward to seeing them this evening. In the meantime, sleepage is in order. Then, perhaps, the tale of the blind cat and the man without a face.

Oh, and... ding dong the rats are dead. We recently got rid of our dog with the bowel disorder who was producing prime rat pudding, so I poisoned all the rats in the back yard again. It stinketh to high heaven in parts of the yard, but I have only seen one sole survivor thus far, and he's going to get some poison nummies this week!

gymbrall, be not discouraged friend, I liked and will respond after said alleged rest. V-dub, tough it out, like you are trying to do. MountZoomar, thank yous flying out tonight as per awesome directive. schmimi, what can I tell ya that you don't know? Rest is an important weapon, yes weapon, we use against the world and all its cruelties. Rest always improves one's perspective, so I hope you get some soon. Mike, I bet the yard is going to be gorgeous, but you are going to be whooped for the holiday! Goodbye to kenopolis. I never really knew you, but you seemed like a decent guy. Good vibes and vanilla scented candles to Sophia.

And come back soon brknconfidents, I miss you in too many places.