October 8th, 2004


M&M candies, learning to talk... growing up.

The other day, Josh asked if we could get some M&Ms because we haven't had any in awhile. At five years of age, with an older brother and expressive parents, he has nearly lost all of his little child language. We still use terms that he used and no longer uses. For instance, if there was something dangerous, "You could including die!" And we still sometimes say, "You're better'n dat!" Which was his version of, "You know better than that!"

But that was a sad moment for Allie and me, sitting in the kitchen, hearing Josh correct himself. "Can we get some Nim&Ms? Um, I mean, can we get some M&Ms?" We both looked at each other with that same feeling. That was his last "baby word" and no one had to correct him. In fact, we had avoided correcting him, and had even told Evan (9) not to correct him when he said Nim&Ms. He figured it out for himself.

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