October 22nd, 2004


General life update.

Work: 12 hours-pm type X 2

This "extra money" job at the "other hospital" is taking its toll on me physically. I can handle it, but I'm having to adjust somewhat. Mainly, my body wants to sleep more, a LOT more, and I haven't been finding good reasons to resist it. I can feel a build up of those "pre-trying again" feelings which mean I am sucking up a big breath before plunging into an exercise/proper diet regimen again. Each time this happens, I try to get closer to making the change in lifestyle that makes it all stick this time, makes it all work this time. It's about self-discipline, and will power, and hope. 1 out of 3 isn't quite what I'm looking for, so I am still in the "pre" mode, scraping the rest together.

Kept the boys home today, it was a half-day anyway. They've both been just getting by because of the sinus/cough mess and they are both in need of some extra recuperation. So today will be a quiet play (yeah right!) inside day with rounds of medicine for all. My neck is sore for the third day, but it's worse today. I hope it begins to loosen up, because if it gets any tighter, I will be walking around holding my head crooked. It feels like a muscle on the right side is getting tighter. I'm trying some ibuprofen and napping before work to see if that helps.

Jake-dini, one of our Goldens, has managed to escape the back fence again. Once again, they are relegated to the small, front yard, prison fence lot until I can reinforce the back fence. We just did so last week, but apparently he found another spot where the chain link is loose enough he can push his way underneath and play with a neighbor dog. Looks like another trip to Lowe's for some more steel braided cable to run between fence posts, laced with the bottom edge of the fence and tightened with a "come-along" to increase the tension so he can't slip under. Next step, concertina wire. I'm gettin' tired of the game. Electrified.

It feels really Fall today; damp, overcast and cool. Leaves are falling faster than they can be raked up, not that I bother. I have a neighbor who is Filipino, or Cambodian, or some such, and he cleans the leaves out of his yard at least daily. But then, I have observed him sitting on a little bench using small garden shears to cut his grass, so, he's no role model.

Sleep now, work later. Oh, but the bonus is, I set it up so I had some recovery time this week. I'm off Sunday through Wednesday, and go back to work Thursday night. I should make plans to accomplish things on those days off, eh? Nah! ;-)